FDA approved

ARCALYST (rilonacept)

The first and only FDA-approved therapy that treats recurrent pericarditis and reduces the risk of future flares

Recurrent pericarditis can be a painful and debilitating disease. If you are experiencing repeat flares, it may be time to talk with your healthcare provider about ARCALYST. It’s the first and only FDA-approved treatment for people living with recurrent pericarditis who are 12 years and older. ARCALYST targets IL-1 and is indicated for the treatment of recurrent pericarditis and reduction in risk of future flares.  


ARCALYST doesn't just treat recurrent pericarditis—it reduces the risk of future flares.

ARCALYST targets IL-1 an underlying cause of the ongoing inflammation in recurrent pericarditis. Not only does ARCALYST address painful symptoms, it also reduces the risk of future flares.

Why Arcalyst


Learn about recurrent pericarditis, what causes repeat episodes, and the risk of future flares.

Taking Control

Discover how ARCALYST is designed to treat recurrent pericarditis. See the powerful results from the clinical study.


Understand how a once-weekly injection of ARCALYST can provide effective treatment for recurrent pericarditis.

Support for your treatment journey


Kiniksa OneConnect is a support program that provides you with personalized one-on-one support at each step of your treatment journey.